Composites Make eVTOL Flight Possible

Advanced Air Mobility has arrived. With test flights and commercial use predicted to begin in a few short years – designs for affordable commuter-style air travel in urban and rural areas are well underway. Composites technology is critical to the development and growth of this market—fiber reinforced composite materials create very strong lightweight structures, allowing eVTOL aircraft to fly maximum distances with minimal electric power. Experience and innovations with thermosets and thermoplastics can now deliver cost-effective prototype-to-production scale designs while supporting rapid, high-volume manufacturing.

Toray Advanced Composites is your eVTOL design partner. Our extensive aerospace and high-performance automotive experience, broad portfolio of lightweight fiber reinforced composites, and comprehensive databases help you create your eVTOL application. From primary structures and propulsion components to seat structures, interior cabin components, access doors and battery covers, your designs have the advantage with Toray materials inside.

The Masters of Vertical and Transitional Flight

Dragonflies are one of the original masters of vertical and transitional flight.

We chose the dragonfly as our UAM/AAM symbol due to its eVTOL-like exceptional maneuverability and its deep heritage as a symbol of transformation, adaptability, and harmony.

The unique flying characteristics of the dragonfly parallel those of the eVTOL aircraft. By the fast and graceful motion created with their wings, they can lift and land vertically, hover, and fly at varying speeds in all directions.

With more than 5,000 dragonfly species in existence, each varying by their unique wing structures, they illustrate how a variety of designs can achieve success. Their power, adaptability, and harmony also embody the wholistic approach a Toray partnership offers designers to help create their innovative eVTOL designs.

Composite Materials for UAM

Below we cherry pick our star products for UAM from our broad portfolio of advanced composite materials.

Our complete product offering can be viewed in our UAM Product Selector Guide 

View full UAM Product Selector Guide

Format Product Resin Tm Processing Temp Out life (days) Database / Qualifications Description
Thermoplastic Prepreg Cetex® TC1225 LM PAEK

305°C (581°F)

340–385°C (644–725°F) Indefinite +++

Outstanding structural performance

Compatible with PEEK for overmolding and welding

BMC Cetex® MC1100 PPS

280°C (536°F)

330°C (626°F) Indefinite

PPS based BMC with HS & IM fibers, fire retardant

Dry Tg (onset) Cure Temp(s)
Thermoset Prepreg





121–127 °C
(250–260 °F)

30 +++ High-modulus system for rotor blades






28 ++ Ideal system for large structures with low moisture uptake





135–180 °C
(275–356 °F)

28 ++

Excellent CAI and open-hole compressive strength

Excellent hot/wet strength retention







14 Chopped fiber epoxy BMC with high strength (standard-modulus) fiber


AmberTool® HX42


(392°F) with post cure


5 ++
Low temperature initial cure and high temperature post cure epoxy prepreg
Ancillaries Film Adhesive MicroPly™ TC310  Epoxy 157°C (315°F)



21 Ideal composite bonding film adhesive 
Surfacing Film MicroPly™ TC235SF-1 Epoxy 119°C (246°F)



30 Protective surface finish with optional embedded lightning strike foils 


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