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Toray to Unveil AAM Collaboration Space at the National AAM Center of Excellence (NAAMCE) in Springfield this September

12 September 2023

Morgan Hill, California (Sept 12, 2023) —Toray Group, a leader in advanced composite material solutions, is pleased to announce it is opening an AAM collaboration space at the National Advanced Air Mobility Center of Excellence (NAAMCE) in Springfield, Ohio. The center’s ribbon cutting ceremony will be held during the 2023 National Advanced Air Mobility Industry Forum on September 18, 2023.  

"We’re very excited to be part of the NAAMCE and work in close proximity with various members of the AAM community to advance innovative vehicle technology for a sustainable future," comments Stacy Biel, UAM & DoD segment manager. "Toray has an established history of being a proven material supplier supporting the growth of the AAM sector. We’re honored to be part of the NAAMCE as we continue enabling industry leaders to take to the air, from prototype to high-rate production." 


Occupying this space is a continuation of Toray’s strategic focus to support the research and development activities in the AAM market, including work on autonomous flight and electric vertical take-off and landing system vehicles. It provides aviation leaders an opportunity to tap into the extensive Toray global network of composite material experts to continue creating cutting-edge, energy-efficient vehicles for future generations. This announcement follows Toray’s planned campus expansion in Morgan Hill, California and increasing carbon fiber production capacity in Spartanburg, South Carolina to meet growing demands for carbon fiber composite materials.


AAM leaders are invited to connect with Toray's aerospace experts by visiting the Toray booth at the 2023 National AAM Forum this September to discuss Toray's diverse composite material solutions for lighter, higher-performance vehicles.


To coordinate a meeting at the new NAAMCE Ohio collaboration space, contact Toray by visiting the website here.

Participating Toray Companies:

Toray Advanced Composites 
Developer, manufacturer, and supplier of thermoset and thermoplastic-based materials, including prepregs in fabric, unidirectional tape, bulk-molded compounds and reinforced thermoplastic laminate formats.

Toray Composite Materials America, Inc.
Developer, manufacturer and supplier of polyacrylonitrile-based carbon fibers and carbon fiber prepreg.

Media Inquiries: 

Toray Advanced Composites

Laura Sordello, Marketing Manager

t +1 408-465-8602

Toray Composite Materials America, Inc.

Karen Lago, Marketing Director

t +1 253-875-7696


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