Avoiding Pitfalls: Successful Adoption of Thermoplastic Composites from Industrial and Aerospace Experts

Utilizing over 30-years' experience as pioneers in thermoplastic composite technology, Toray Advanced Composites together with industry partners will discuss key steps you may wish to take to best implement the technology.

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The Art and Science of Creating Quality Composite Tools

This 60-minute webinar takes you through the essential steps for designing and building a composite tool. 

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Designing the Blades for a Helicopter on Mars - A Webinar with Toray and AeroVironment hosted by HAI

Listen to the story behind the story of Ingenuity’s history-making rotor blades. Toray and AeroVironment discuss the journey that resulted in the first power-controlled flight by an aircraft on a planet besides Earth. Rotor blades for Ingenuity were made using cyanate ester prepregs from Toray, and designed and manufactured by AeroVironment for NASA’s JPL.

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