Innovation by Chemistry

Toray Advanced Composites is a leading supplier to the aerospace industry, providing advanced thermoset and thermoplastic composite materials for the production of lightweight structures for the latest generation of commercial, general aviation, military and unmanned aircraft. Additionally, as the leading supplier of composite materials to the satellite, space exploration and launch industries, you will find our composites on almost every satellite and launch vehicle produced in the Western world.

Most notably, we are the leading global supplier of thermoset prepregs for out-of-autoclave (OOA)/vacuum-bag-only (VBO) applications. Our Toray Cetex® brand is a leader in thermoplastic prepregs for the aerostructures market, while our Toray AmberTool® line of low temperature curing, high temperature performance composite tooling prepregs set the industry standard. Toray also provides compatible film adhesives, syntactics, and resins to help our customers develop and produce advanced structures with a single supplier and partner.

In addition to intermediate materials, Toray’s CCS Group provides the industry with exceptionally durable and light weight carbon fiber compression molded parts.  CCS focuses on replacing aluminum and titanium with a lighter weight, more cost-effective solution to improve efficiency and performance.

Our Philosophy

Whether you’re a new Toray Advanced Composites customer or long-time partner, you’ll find a commitment to customer satisfaction underpins every action we take. We serve customers ranging from the largest aerospace and defence and recreational products firms to industrial and medical equipment customers.

We know a lot is riding on the products and services we provide to all customers, big and small, and we take their success personally. We work with you from the first day to help you select the optimum product, providing you with detailed information, instruction and technical advice, and even helping you solve design and final product issues. We recognize that we win only when all of our customers receive the best solutions and support.

Over 45 Years of Innovation and Growth

Our history is rich and diverse. Growing since 1972 as TenCate Advanced Composites, our acquisition by Toray Industries Inc in July 2018 signaled the beginning of a new era under our new company name Toray Advanced Composites, continuing the legacy of innovation and service, now with the strength of the Toray Group behind us to provide the ultimate value to our customers. 

Safety and Quality

Safety is the top priority in everything we do. We strive to provide materials that meet or exceed customer expectations and government regulations, all while satisfying customers by anticipating their needs and requirements.

Compliance and Integrity

We are committed to integrity. In addition to fully complying with governing regulations, we pay particular attention to ensuring sound judgment and ethical business practices. We communicate openly and fairly with our customers, suppliers, investors, and with each other. Integrity is paramount to our reputation.


We honor our commitments, responding to requests in a timely manner and taking responsibility for the outcomes of our actions.

Diversity and Inclusion

We embrace the range of differences that make each of us unique. We recognize, value, and fully leverage our different perspectives and backgrounds to achieve our business goals. Embracing diversity enables us to attract the best talent and inclusion allows us to fully engage our talent. We are committed to fostering effective work relationships by listening to each other and respecting each other's views and opinions. We respect cultural differences and do not tolerate discrimination, harassment, or any other behavior threatening a positive, collaborative, and productive work environment.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Toray Advanced Composites is aware of the effect that its actions have on the social environment. By maintaining the company on the basis of sustainable profitability, Toray seeks to contribute to social, ecological and economic development for future generations. Toray integrates sustainability into its business operations. Management of the value chain involves numerous sustainability aspects to greater or lesser degrees. In the various value chains, Toray plays an active role as a customer, producer, supplier, and partner in delivering sustainable innovations.

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