Molding Ideas into Reality

Designers turn to Toray’s chopped fiber thermoplastic bulk molding compounds to create complex composite assemblies utilizing aerospace grade thermoplastics such as PEEK, PPS, PEKK, and PAEK. 

Replacing metallic assemblies with lightweight chopped fiber compression molded BMC parts can reduce weight by more than 40% over aluminum parts, with the added benefit of solvent and fire resistance. Additionally, thermoplastic BMCs can be molded to shape in short 10–15 minute thermoforming cycles and can carry exceptional structural loads exceeding those of traditional metals. 

To help ensure your success, Toray, through our wholly owned subsidiary CCS Composites, provides turnkey design and fabrication services including tool design, part optimization, prototyping, and full aerospace-grade part fabrication. Our Toray Compression Molded Parts Library provides the details you need to get started and succeed.

Simplify your part fabrication hurdles and expand your horizons with Toray BMCs.


Advanced Composite Selector Guide

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Toray billet stock summary

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Toray Compression Molding Design Guide—Long Chopped Fiber Molded Parts

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Thermoplastic chopped fiber molded parts technical paper

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Toray billet stock technical paper

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Chopped fiber compression molding technical paper

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Toray Guide to Composites—Volume One

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MS-4H is carbon fiber / epoxy resin compression molding system using high strength, standard modulus (HS) carbon fiber. MS-4H is an excellent low cost, high performance BMC and processes very well in medium to large heavy parts.

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