Discover the Versatility of Thermoset Prepregs

Thermoset prepregs are synthetic polymer-reinforced fibers pre-impregnated with high-grade resins. When heated, these materials become exceptionally strong and durable, while remaining extremely lightweight compared to traditional metallic solutions.

Toray is a leading supplier of thermoset-based prepregs for the aerospace and high-end industrial markets. Utilizing the broadest combination of advanced fibers and resins, our materials are valued for their superior strength properties and lightweight, high impact-resistance, and cost-effectiveness.

Toray’s full range of thermoset technologies includes:

  • Low temperature curing tooling prepregs
  • Out-of-Autoclave (OOA)/Vacuum-bag-only (VBO) processible epoxy prepregs
  • Compatible film adhesives
  • Composite surfacing films
  • Lightweight syntactics and foams
  • RTM resins
  • High temperature cyanate ester, BMI, and polyimide resins systems

Toray's Guide to Composites

Request a copy of our 143-page guide to composite materials, which covers materials, production, joining, and design considerations.


Advanced Composite Selector Guide

Download PDF

Toray advancement in out of autoclave composite prepregs white paper

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