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Aerospace has always been an industry of technological revolution. Today, with the development of transport vehicles for space travel and the next generation of supersonic aircraft in development, the industry continues to drive innovation to new heights. Toray materials have been enabling this for decades, and will become even more prominent in the future.  

The aerospace industry is not an easy one. Manufacturers demand high-performance, cost-effective material solutions to solve complex problems and eliminate risk. Toray provides those solutions. We surround our customers with a world-class technical support team backed by a commitment to excellence that is truly unique. We embrace our customer's projects with a team-based culture obsessed with winning.  

Learn more about our material solutions for aerospace, including: 

  • Cost-effective OOA/VBO processable epoxies for launch vehicles, general aviation, UAVs, and helicopters
  • Toray Cetex® thermoplastic composites enabling the newest generation of commercial aircraft
  • High temperature cyanates and epoxies creating new satellites, heatshields, and rovers
  • Composite tooling prepregs that provide the highest levels of durability and service
  • Compression molded parts that allow cost-effective fabrication of complex composite parts 

Quite simply, we have the most successful track record in the aerospace industry. With the widest choice of materials, and the industry's best customer service and support, we are your materials partner of choice.

Over a Million Parts in Flight

Learn how Toray Cetex® reinforced thermoplastic laminates are making a difference in structural, semi-structural, and interior aerospace applications in this video.

Advanced Thermoset Technologies in Flight

Toray is a leading supplier of thermoset-based prepreg composite materials for military, general aviation, space/satellite, radome, motorsport, and high-end industrial markets. Learn more about where our thermoset composite material technologies are used in aerospace in this video.

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