Toray Cetex® TC1225

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Product description

Toray Cetex® TC1225 is a a high-end thermoplastic composite material, utilizing a semi-crystalline engineered PAEK resin for excellent mechanical performance. The distinctive value of Toray Cetex® TC1225 over other composites with a PAEK family matrix is its superior processability due to a low melt viscosity and reduction in processing temperature. Toray Cetex® TC1225 doesn’t only yield a high-quality product used in ATL/AFP processes, it speeds up cycle times enabling cost-efficient production in all available formats.

Additionally, Toray Cetex® TC1225 is an ideal composite to be overmolded with neat or short fiber reinforced PEEK resin, creating a very strong bond. Overmolding, integrating continuous fiber reinforced composites in an injection molding
process, combines the strength of high-end composites with the design freedom and complexity of injection molding parts.

Toray Cetex® TC1225 is available as a UD tape, a fabric prepreg, and as reinforced thermoplastic laminates (RTLs)
of varying thicknesses. RTLs can be equipped with lightning strike protection, and carbon reinforced RTLs can be supplied with a thin glass top layer to protect a partly metallic assembly against galvanic corrosion. Glass scrim is also applicable in structures made from UD tape.

Product benefits/features

  • Lower processing temperature with good high temperature performance
  • May be overmolded with PEEK for final part
  • Very good CAI properties 282 MPa (40.9 ksi)
  • Ideal for structural applications

Market segments

  • Medical
  • Aircraft Interiors
  • Aerostructures


Product category Thermoplastic prepregs & laminates
Processing AFP/ATL
Press forming
Resin type PAEK
Tg (Dry, onset) 147 °C / 296 °F
Processing temperature 325 °C / 617 °F
Out life Indefinite
Tm 305 °C / 581 °F

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