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Toray Advanced Composites Announces New Strengthened Polyamide Thermoplastic Material for High-Performance Applications

5 March 2024

MORGAN HILL, CA, March 5, 2024 –Toray Advanced Composites, a leader in developing and producing advanced thermoplastic and thermoset composite materials, is pleased to introduce the new product Toray Cetex® TC915 PA+™ into its extensive portfolio. Toray Cetex® TC915 PA+™ is excellent for sporting goods, high-performance industrial applications, automotive structure, energy (oil/gas & hydrogen), Urban Air Mobility (UAM), and Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) applications.

The latest addition to the Toray Cetex® product line introduces enhanced technical specifications, offering increased strength, higher stiffness, higher temperature stability, and lower moisture absorption. This new high-performance thermoplastic material complements Toray Cetex® TC910.

See the below chart for a high-level comparison.


TORAY Cetex® 

TC915 PA+


TORAY Cetex® 

TC910 PA6

Tensile Strength

2179 MPa

316 ksi

2068 MPa

300 ksi

In Plane Shear Strength

177 MPa

25.7 ksi

145 MPa

21.1 ksi

Compression Strength

1055 MPa

153 ksi

992 MPa

144 ksi


(Processing temperature)






(DSC measured glass transition temperature)





Water Absorption

(Full saturation in water)



View TC915

Product Page

View TC910

Product Page

"TC915 is a remarkable thermoplastic material with exceptional mechanical properties higher than typical polyamide-based composites and Nylon material. Toray TC915 PA+™ is a natural addition to our Cetex® portfolio. These enhanced characteristics allow structural components to withstand and perform well in high-stress conditions at elevated temperatures, which is crucial for demanding markets prioritizing safety and performance for their end-users. We take pride in our commitment to engineering cutting-edge technology and advancing applications across multiple industries," said Mark Mielke, Director of Product and Market Strategy, USA.

Toray Cetex® TC915 PA+™ is a thermoplastic composite unidirectional (UD) tape that uses a high-performance polyamide resin that can be processed by ATL and AFP, wrapping, and thermoforming. Click here to visit the Toray Cetex® TC915 PA+™ product page.

For more information, contact Toray Advanced Composites at or visit the teams this spring at the upcoming tradeshows JEC World 2024 this March at booth 6E25 in Europe and SAMPE 2024 at booth C10 in the USA.

This announcement follows Toray Advanced Composites' recent expansion of the Morgan Hill Campus in fall 2023 and the Toray Group's announcement of an AAM collaboration space at the National AAM Center of Excellence (NAAMCE).

About Toray Advanced Composites

Toray Advanced Composites is a leader in the development and production of advanced thermoplastic and thermoset composite materials. The broad product portfolio is incorporated in high performance products for aerospace, space, communications, automotive, consumer, and industrial applications. Toray Advanced Composites has a long heritage of combining state-of-the-art materials technology with world-class technical expertise to deliver a unique customer-centric business model. Production and operation facilities are in North America, Europe, and Asia. Toray Advanced Composites is a subsidiary of the Toray Group. For more information visit,

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