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Product description

8020-FR is a toughened epoxy resin system suitable for curing between 70°C (158°F) and 120°C (248°F). The medium viscosity resin is pre-impregnated into high performance fibers such as carbon, glass and aramid. Toray 8020-FR offers excellent structural properties, flame retardancy and toughness.

Toray 8020-FR is designed for structural applications in motorsport, general industrial part fabrication and marine industries. It is suitable for a wide range of engineering applications.

Product benefits/features

  • Fire resistant under FAR 25.853 Appendix F - vertical burn material test criteria (i)
  • Good adhesive properties for honeycomb core

Market segments

  • Sport & recreation
  • Motorsport & Formula 1
  • Automotive
  • Energy
  • Medical
  • Consumer electronics
  • Industrial


Product category Thermoset Prepreg
Processing Out of Autoclave / Vacuum bag
Press forming
Resin type Epoxy
Tg (Dry, onset) 111 °C / 231 °F
Cure temperature (Optimal) 80 °C / 176 °F
Cure temperature (Lowest)70 °C / 158 °F
Cure temperature (Highest)120 °C / 248 °F
Out life 30 days

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