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Product description

TC264-1 is a flame-retardant epoxy prepreg that has been developed for oven cure composite fabrication processes utilizing either expendable or reusable lay-up mandrels. This epoxy-based prepreg system is ideal for use in applications where flame retardency is needed such as air management system ducting, decorative enclosures, and fire-retardent composite panel assemblies.

Product benefits/features

  • Ideal for flame retardancy applications
  • Ideal for ducting and composite panels

Market segments

  • Aircraft Interiors


Product category Thermoset Prepreg
Processing Out of Autoclave / Vacuum bag
Press forming
Resin type Epoxy
Tg (Dry, onset) 124 °C / 255 °F
Cure temperature (Optimal) 127 °C / 260 °F
Cure temperature (Lowest)118 °C / 244 °F
Cure temperature (Highest)127 °C / 260 °F
Out life 30

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