Success Stories

Structural Thermoset Prepregs for Kopter Group


This project was completed under the company name TenCate Advanced Composites, prior to our acquisition by Toray Industries and name change to Toray Advanced Composites in 2019.

TenCate Advanced Composites have a market leading range of UD and fabric thermoset prepregs for use within aerospace applications including aerostructures, wings, rotor blades, and control surfaces.

The next generation multi-purpose lightweight Kopter SH09 helicopter features a full composite fuselage and tail rotor as well as all-composite main and tail rotor blades, made using TenCate TC250 and BT250E-6 epoxy resin systems. Kopter Group AG selected this advanced composite solution of TenCate because of their excellent mechanical properties coupled with TenCate’s experience in supporting new emerging programs.

Designed to stand out from the competition, the Kopter SH09 helicopter offers exceptional hot and high performance with a low noise signature. The lightweight composite materials from TenCate provide an excellent balance of toughness, mechanical property translation, and hot/wet performance.

Global Partner for Aerospace Composites

TenCate Advanced Composites have recently signed a multiyear supply agreement with Kopter Group AG for the SH09 program, and will supply Kopter globally from facilities in the United States and the newly expanded Langley Mill plant in the United Kingdom.

  • TenCate TC250 is available with virtually all fiber reinforcements in uni-directional tape, slit uni-directional tape, woven and nonwoven prepreg formats
  • TenCate BT250E-6 is a high-modulus resin system for rotor blade usage, out-of-autoclave processable, and FAA conformed database.

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