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Toray Develops TORAYCA™ T1200, the Ultra High-Strength Carbon Fiber

29 October 2023

Morgan Hill, California (October 29, 2023) — Toray Industries, Inc. announced today that it has developed TORAYCA™ T1200 carbon fiber, the world’s highest strength at 1,160 kilopound per square inch (Ksi). This new offering will move us forward to reducing environmental footprints by lightening carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic materials. This fiber also opens a new performance frontier for strength-driven applications.  Its potential applications range from aerostructures and defense to alternative energy and consumer products.

As carbon fiber products have proven their value and become more commercialized, the supply of high-strength carbon fiber has increased globally. Pushing this performance frontier has increased the demand for specialty applications.  Toray set about refining its proprietary nanoscale structural control technology to design and achieve an internal structure that resists damage.

Leveraging this fundamental technology led Toray to develop TORAYCA™ T1200 in its new facility within the Ehime Plant (in Masaki-cho, Ehime Prefecture). T1200 has a tensile strength of up to 1,160 Ksi, more than 10% higher than TORAYCA™ T1100, which currently has the highest tensile strength available. T1100 applications include defense weapon systems, space, aircraft, and sports and leisure equipment.

Toray began the commercial production of TORAYCA™ carbon fiber in 1971 at the Ehime Plant and diversified the application into compressed natural gas and high-pressure hydrogen tanks, automobiles, aircraft, and sporting equipment. In 1986, Toray developed TORAYCA™ T1000 and further expanded carbon fiber’s potential by commercializing TORAYCA™ T1100. Toray remains a global leader, with both carbon fibers exhibiting the highest strength available worldwide.

As part of the Toray Group’s Sustainability Vision, the company committed itself to providing innovative technologies and advanced materials that contribute to sustainable progress. TORAYCA™ T1200 embodies the Toray Group’s vision for balancing greenhouse gas emissions and absorption worldwide. The company will continue to enhance the performance and supplies of TORAYCA™ carbon fiber in keeping with its corporate philosophy of contributing to society by creating new value with innovative ideas, technologies, and products.

Product Name Tensile Strength (Ksi) Tensile Modulus (Msi) Strain at failure (%)



Filament Count

T1200 1,160 46 2.5 0.48 1.82 12,000
T1100 1,015 47 2.2 0.51
1.79 12,000

T800S 856 43 2.0 1.0 1.80 24,000

About Toray

Toray is a leading global company in innovative technologies and advanced materials. Since its foundation in 1926, the Company has contributed to society through the creation of new value and addressed global challenges by delivering high value-added products including fibers and textiles, resins and films, and carbon fiber composite materials. It operates in 29 countries and regions with about 49,000 employees worldwide.

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