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Toray Group to Present at the 10th Bi-Annual Autonomous VTOL Technical Meeting and 10th Annual eVTOL Symposium in Mesa

9 January 2023

Morgan Hill, California (January 9, 2023) — The Toray Group will be exhibiting and presenting at the Vertical Flight Society’s 10th Bi-Annual Autonomous VTOL Technical Meeting & 10th Annual eVTOL Symposium in Mesa, Arizona, on January 24 to 26. The hybrid event invites leaders, suppliers, and innovators from various eVTOL segments to discuss the emerging challenges and solutions for future VTOL aircraft, encompassing dynamics, aerodynamics, acoustics, and flight mechanics.

Toray is set to present on Thursday, January 26, at 8:20 am GMT on Composite Material Solutions for eVTOL Propulsion Systems“. Speaker DeWayne Howell, Senior Applications Engineer & Project Manager, will expound on composite materials application for propulsion systems with detailed insights on engineering challenges related to propulsion blades, electric motors, and battery enclosure material solutions.

The advent of the eVTOL aircraft and the urban and advanced air mobility market (UAM/AAM) is taking local air transportation to new heights as a unique fusion of aerospace excellence at a high-rate manufacturing volumes with redesigned innovative propulsion systems. Toray is a proven material partner, remaining fully committed to the vertical lift market space with qualified and mature systems, new thermoset and thermoplastic resin technologies, and our world-leading carbon fiber products.

With Toray’s rich heritage and diverse propulsion system solutions, eVTOL designers and manufacturers can create cost-effective prototypes today and prepare for high-rate productions of the future. To register for in-person or virtual attendance for the event, please visit

 The Vertical Flight Society has been leading efforts in eVTOL since 2013, with nearly a decade of eVTOL Symposiums, the Electric VTOL News website, and the fortnightly eVTOL newsletter.

Participating Toray Companies:

Toray Composite Materials America, Inc. (CMA)
Developer, manufacturer and supplier of polyacrylonitrile-based carbon fibers and carbon fiber prepreg.

Toray Advanced Composites (TAC)
Developer, manufacturer, and supplier of thermoset and thermoplastic-based materials, including prepregs in fabric, unidirectional tape, bulk-molded compounds and reinforced thermoplastic laminate formats.

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