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Toray Group to Exhibit at VFS Forum 78 in Texas This May

22 April 2022

Morgan Hill, California (April 22, 2022) — The Toray Group is pleased to announce their participation at the Vertical Flight Society’s Forum 78 in Fort Worth, Texas, from May 10th - 12th. Forum 78 is considered the world’s leading international technical event for cutting-edge vertical flight technologies.

The Toray Group invites trailblazers from the various eVTOL segments to visit booth 717 and meet with its team of experts to discuss the emerging aeromechanics challenges and solutions for future VTOL aircraft. Toray’s extensive aerospace and high-performance automotive experience and broad portfolio of carbon fiber, thermoset, and thermoplastic materials allow Toray to partner early in the structural design phase with AAM manufacturers by providing support and material guidance from prototype to high volume production.

Toray also produces a selection of non-structural materials such as textiles and fabrics for seating and interior trims, optical fibers for lighting, films for windows and batteries, inks for sensors, resins for motors and cases, lightning strike protection surfacing films, and fibers for bearings and bushings. To secure a meeting with the team members, including Toshinori Hara, Senior Vice President of Strategic Planning and Development, Jeff Cross, Director of Business Development, and Stacy Biel, UAM & DoD Segment Manager; contact the team here


Toray’s heritage in vertical lift application has enabled many in the UAM industry to take to the air as a proven partner from prototype to high rate production. To register for the Vertical Flight Society’s Forum 78 event, please visit for more information. 

Participating Group Company and the Businesses

Toray Advanced Composites USA, Inc.
Composite Material Technology Solutions with a broad range of thermoplastic and thermoset chemistries.

Toray Composite Materials America, Inc.
Composites Material Technology Solutions including (PAN) based carbon fibers and thermoset prepregs.

Toray Industries (America), Inc.
The representative office of Toray Industries, Inc., in the US

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