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How Toray Are Giving Back This Christmas

16 December 2021

At Toray Advanced Composites, we are always looking at ways of giving back to the communities we work with. This has never been more important than over the last couple of years, where the pandemic has exacerbated the hardships that many people face. This is why we have continued our yearly tradition to give back by funding local causes in the USA, UK, and the Netherlands this Christmas.

From our Netherlands office in Nijverdal, we have donated to the brilliant local charity ‘Noabers for Noabers’.

‘Noadbers for Noabers’ (which translates to ‘Neighbors for Neighbors’ in English) is an innovative charity that brings together groups of volunteers to collect a range of high-quality products to help families and individuals who are struggling financially. In addition to products, these volunteers also provide priceless advice and support to help those in need get back on their feet and improve their quality of life.

‘Noabers for Noabers’ depends entirely on donations in order to operate and supply their vital services to those who need it. We donate £850 in donations from our Nijverdal branch, with our Netherlands HR manager Nicole Rodijk hand over the check on behalf of the company.

You can enquire about making a donation or volunteering by emailing them at


Our UK office in Langley Mill will donating this year to the charity ‘Cash for Kids’.

‘Cash for Kids’ have a simple aim, to improve the lives of disadvantaged children in the UK. This grass-roots organisation look to help children who are growing up in poverty, suffering from illness, or have been neglected by their families. Based in 22 locations around the UK, they provide grants of between £1,000 - £3,000 help to help improve the lives of disadvantaged children and create a brighter future for them.

This Christmas they are launching their ‘Mission Christmas’ drive, which encourages people buy an additional gift this holiday season to donate to a disadvantaged child. This program aims to make sure no child goes without a present this Christmas, no matter their economic situation.

Toray Advanced Composites are proud to support this campaign and to donate to this brilliant charity. You can find out more about their work here:

In the USA, we are continuing to donate to range of food banks close to our office and local toy drives within the community. 

Toray Advanced Composites believes everyone deserves access to food, and food banks are essential for many in poverty or from disadvantaged backgrounds to get the food they need for themselves and their families.

In alliance with local food banks within California, Toray Advanced Composites contributions will aid our frontline volunteers to ensure millions of those within our community will be able to enjoy the holiday season with loved ones around the table. During Thanksgiving and Christmas, nobody should go hungry.

The food banks that we are donating to are:

In addition to food bank donations, our office in Morgan Hill, California are also donating toys to the Edward Boss Prado Foundation. This inspiration charity provide a range of resources such as clothes, food and toys to the disadvantaged. We hope these donations will help make this holiday season happier for those most in need. 

These contributions are just our small way of giving back to the communities we are part of to ensure everyone has a happy holiday.

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