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Toray Announces Expanded Supply of High-Performance Composite Tooling Materials in the US

22 September 2020

MORGAN HILL, CA (Sep 22, 2020)—Toray Advanced Composites announces the creation of a US-based distribution center for their proven, high-performance Toray AmberTool® HX56 composite tooling prepregs, enhancing the speed of supply and regional availability of leading composite tooling technology. Manufactured at their thermoset center of excellence in the UK, the tooling material will be fully stocked in the central US, allowing for immediate order fulfillment for customers in North America. Real-time delivery of composite tooling is crucial to the motorsports market where rapid design and production cycles also demand rapid support from suppliers.

Toray AmberTool® HX56 is a low temperature curing epoxy prepreg that produces an excellent surface for short-cure autoclave processing. This high-performance tooling prepreg has robust handling characteristics that provide excellent drape for complex shapes like those needed in the motorsport market. The prepreg has been a key enabler to the high-end motorsport market in Europe for over 20 years. Like all AmberTool® products, Toray AmberTool® HX56 enables the production of precision composite tools with superior accuracy and surface finish.

Bryan Nortje, Senior Technical Manager at Fibreworks Composites, understands the need for readily available, high-quality products: “Our core philosophy is to ‘outperform’ our competition on all fronts. The HX56 Tooling system falls perfectly into our needs. It offers us faster turnaround times without compromising quality. Kudos to Toray for supporting us in the USA with this product from Europe.”

“The immediate availability of this high-end tooling prepreg will be a game changer for US racing teams. Our central US stocking facility will ensure a quick supply of materials for faster part development and production, thereby giving US teams more testing time on the track,” says Steve Cease, VP Strategic Initiatives. “We value being a material supply partner to the high-end motorsport market and are excited to offer inventory in the US for their immediate needs.”

For more technical information: Toray AmberTool® HX56 Data Sheet

Product will be available starting the week of September 22, 2020.

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