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Webinar - Successful Adoption of Thermoplastic Composites from Industrial and Aerospace Experts

16 July 2020

In recent years, the composites industry has touted the benefits of thermoplastic composites (TPC) over alternative material technologies, contributing to the significant growth momentum across various industries.

As pioneers in thermoplastic composite technology, with over 30 years heritage, Toray has partnered with many innovative part manufacturers in different industries, such as aerospace and industrial sectors.

On 9th September (4pm - 5pm BST) together with Composites World, we will discuss the key steps your organization should take to implement the use of thermoplastics in your products. These steps are strongly influenced by the market, application, and geometry, but share a common theme.

We will highlight critical factors at each step to reduce timeframes, risk, and frustration while maximizing success and link these factors to successful adoption examples.

You can sign up to attend this webinar on the Composites World website

Webinar Sign Up (redirects to Composites World)

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We sat down with Matt Christensen, Chief Commercial Officer from Oribi (industrial), and captured his insights on the trends and opportunities with thermoplastics. ORIBI Manufacturing is a Denver-based company specializing in thermoplastic composites fabrication for industrial applications.

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