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TenCate to present the latest generation out of autoclave composite solutions at SAMPE Seattle 2017

24 April 2017

This press release was issued as TenCate Advanced Composites, prior to our acquisition by Toray Industries and name change to Toray Advanced Composites in 2019.

TenCate’s materials will be featured in two upcoming technical presentations at SAMPE 2017 in Seattle, Washington, USA.  

During the “Advances in Composite Manufacturing Technologies” session on Tuesday, May 23rd, TenCate’s Vice President of R&D, Dr. Frank Lee, will be presenting “TenCate TC380, Advancement of Out of Autoclave (OOA) Technology.” This paper will describe the enhanced mechanical performance of TenCate’s new TC380 epoxy resin system. TC380 possesses high fracture toughness and outstanding compression after impact while delivering exceptional hot/wet open hole compression strengths. This unique combination of properties allows the design of more efficient parts making it ideal for aerostructure applications on civil aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, and military aircraft.   Additionally, A&P Technology’s Application Engineer Brandon Strohminger and TenCate’s Vice President of Technical Services Barry Meyers on Tuesday, May 23rd will jointly present “A Comparative Evaluation of Quasi-Isotropic Laminates Composed of Braided Triaxial Fabric vs. Woven Fabric, including Impact and Laminate Performance”.  This technical paper will detail the unique properties of A&P’s QISO™ fabric impregnated with TenCate’s TC275-1 OOA/VBO epoxy resin system.   Innovative parts made with TenCate’s materials will be on display in Booth E6, including:

  • A grid-stiffened composite panel developed by the Thermoplastic Composites Research Center (Enschede, The Netherlands), featuring a TenCate Cetex® TC1225 PAEK-based sheet over-molded with Victrex PEEK.  An engineered PAEK-based thermoplastic prepreg, TC1225 harnesses high-performance mechanical strength with lower processing temperatures for aerospace applications. The relatively low melting temperature of this material makes it suitable for over-molding with PEEK, enabling form freedom and part consolidation in the highest performance applications.
  • An aircraft wing leading-edge access door panel, designed by Fokker (Netherlands) and made utilizing recycled TenCate Cetex® TC1100 thermoplastic composites. A key advantage of thermoplastics is their capacity to be recycled. This is an increasingly important factor when selecting materials in an environmentally aware supply chain. The reclaimed and chopped carbon/PPS prepreg allows fabrication of aerospace-grade parts and reduces waste.  For more information on this innovative collaboration, see the case study at 

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