Success Stories

Technologically Advanced Triband Satcom Radome

Virginia, USA

This project was completed under the company name TenCate Advanced Composites, prior to our acquisition by Toray Industries and name change to Toray Advanced Composites in 2019.

The General Dynamics triband radome is a technologically advanced composite satcom radome. Designed to transmit data across three bandwidths (K, Ku, and Ka), the radome achieves enhanced levels of speed and connectivity for inflight Wi-Fi and two-way communication.

TenCate Advanced Composites worked in partnership with General Dynamics, the radome designer and manufacturer, in providing a material solution that would allow the enclosed antennae to transmit and receive radio frequency signals across a broader range of bandwidths. Other design considerations included consistency in signal transmission across all parts, longevity, and also cost-effectiveness.

Toray BTCy-1 is a cyanate ester-based thermoset prepreg that is an industry standard for use on satellite structures and radomes. BTCy-1 offers an outstanding balance of toughness, low dielectrics, mechanical property translation, and hot/wet performance. Combined with a quartz fabric, this advanced composite material solution provides excellent electrical and mechanical performance to deliver the best performance radome antenna system design.

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