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Toray Advanced Composites celebrate Delft Hyperloop achievement in SpaceX Hyperloop competition

24 July 2019

Morgan Hill, CA—July 24, 2019

Delft Hyperloop made it to the final four in the competition race at SpaceX’s Hawthorne facility on July 21, 2019. Delft Hyperloop’s Atlas 02 pod launcher features a full composite chassis and carbon fiber battery case.

The pod’s launcher was manufactured with automation technology using Toray Advanced Composites’ uni-directional carbon fiber epoxy-based prepregs, supplied from their European Centre of Excellence for thermoset systems, Langley Mill (Nottingham, UK).

"In our efforts to lead the way, Toray Advanced Composites is constantly providing material solutions for lightweighting applications. We are excited to support initiatives that bring the boundaries of transportation to a new level of speed and efficiency,” said Dr. John Darlington, Sales & Marketing Director, EMEA.

Delft University of Technology won the inaugural Hyperloop competition in 2017, also in partnership with Toray Advanced Composites, previously known as TenCate.

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