Join Toray Advanced Composites at JEC 2020!

What a difference a year makes. Since our last exhibition at JEC in 2019, Toray Advanced Composites has both a new name and location! Following the completion of our rename and rebrand from TenCate Advanced Composites last summer, we are welcomed into the Toray family and can now be found in Hall 5/J21 together with the Toray Group.

Click here to register for a free ticket to visit JEC 2020, as a guest of Toray Advanced Composites using code EXH559281658. 

Connect with Us

We'd love to see you at the show. If you'd like to arrange a meeting to connect with our team face to face, please contact us!

Toray Advanced Composites UK

Toray Advanced Composites UK
Send email +44 1773 530899

Innovations in Thermoplastic Recycling Technologies

Toray Advanced Composites present an overview of the latest innovations and developments in recycling thermoplastic composites.

This features:

  • TPC-Cycle project, conducted by the TPAC and project partners to increase the adoption of recycled thermoplastic composites into real-world applications.
  • A new look for recycled materials - Toray R+D developments in processing recycled materials with optimal mechanical properties

Read our White Paper on Recycling Thermoplastic Composites

Game Changing Thermoset Technology for Formula 1 and Motorsport

Our recently launched Toray TC346 epoxy prepreg system, developed for Formula 1 and high performance motorsport applications  has outstanding compression strength performance. 

View TC346 data sheet


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