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Product description

TC235SF-1 is a composite surfacing film designed to provide paintable surfaces off tooling. TC235SF-1 may be cured under vacuum only pressure or under low autoclave pressure.

The surfacing properties of TC235SF-1 allow smooth, paintable surfaces, even with thin-skinned honeycomb stiffened composite structure.

Composite surfacing films are used to aid in the application of the relatively fragile copper, aluminum and bronze foils. Foils are a common method that allows composites to achieve higher levels of surface conductivity for lightning strike protection. There are several weights of foils designed to meet Zone 1A -3 protection. Airplane lightning strike zones are defined by SAE Aerospace Recommended Practices (ARP) 5414. The most likely areas to be hit are nacelles, radomes, wing tips, elevators, vertical fins and horizontal stabilizers. Common lightning strike protection includes expanded foils, wire mesh, embedded metallic wire and bonded aluminum foil.

Product benefits/features

  • Excellent protective surface finish
  • Available with embedded lightning strike foils
  • Reduces shop floor finishing for productivity savings

Market segments

  • Aerostructures


Product category Surfacing films
Processing Out of Autoclave / Vacuum bag
Press forming
Resin type Epoxy
Tg (Dry, onset) 119 °C / 246 °F
Cure temperature (Optimal) 121 °C / 250 °F
Cure temperature (Lowest)121 °C / 250 °F
Cure temperature (Highest)121 °C / 250 °F
Out life 30 days

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