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Toray Advanced Composites Announces Expansion of Morgan Hill Campus, Increasing Production Capacity by Fifty Percent

27 July 2023

Morgan Hill, California (July 27, 2023) — Toray Advanced Composites, the leader in developing and producing advanced thermoplastic and thermoset composite materials, is proud to announce the planned expansion of its Morgan Hill (CA, USA) plant operations. The new facility will add 74,000 square feet (6,800 square meters) to the existing campus facilities.

"We're growing our operations to meet the demand for quality advanced composites. This addition to our Toray facilities in Morgan Hill will dramatically increase capacity for aerospace, urban air mobility, defense, commercial, and industrial markets worldwide," said Scott Unger, Managing Director, USA, Global CTO.

In concert with other Toray announcements for carbon fiber and advanced composite business units around the globe, this accelerated expansion at the Morgan Hill location will support both thermoset and Cetex® thermoplastic production, supply chain readiness, as well as increase technology laboratory capability and capacity in preparation for the surging market demand for materials.

This announcement follows Toray Advanced Composites' recent publication as the industry's first globally recognized thermoplastic prepreg manufacturing with Nadcap accreditation granted by the Nadcap Management Council and Toray Composite Materials America division investment in doubling carbon fiber production capacity.

Toray Advanced Composites is to expand production capacity in Morgan Hill, California USA.

About Toray Advanced Composites

Toray Advanced Composites is a leader in the development and production of advanced thermoplastic and thermoset composite materials. The broad product portfolio is incorporated in high-performance products for aerospace, space, communications, automotive, consumer, and industrial applications. Toray Advanced Composites has a long heritage of combining state-of-the-art materials technology with world-class technical expertise to deliver a unique customer-centric business model. Production and operation facilities are in North America, Europe, and Asia. Toray Advanced Composites is a subsidiary of the Toray Group. For more information visit


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