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Morgan Hill, CA, USA / Fairfield, CA, USA

Level of experience

Entry Level

Contract type


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Job description

Production Technician is responsible for operating machines used in the coating and prepreging of advanced composite materials

  • Operates computer-controlled machines used in the coating and prepreging of advanced composite materials
  • Includes machine setup, movement and lifting (approx. 55lbs) of materials
  • Preparation (wrapping and labeling) of the product for processing, loading and unloading product from the equipment ‐ Makes measurements of the finished product
  • Maintains records of materials used in manufacturing process
  • Maintain a clean working environment and follow ALL safety policies
  • Recognizes equipment and product problems, notifies Lead/Supervisor and/or troubleshoots in order to achieve optimum production levels
  • Perform other duties as assigned by Lead/Supervisor or designee

Experience and/or educational requirements

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Ability to setup and operate computer controlled equipment
  • Math and basic computer skills required


  • Strong mechanical aptitude
  • Must be able to communicate clearly (written and verbally) in English
  • Ability to convert grams to pounds ‐ Must be able to follow written and verbal instructions for machine operation ‐ Able to work and communicate as a team
  • Maintain work areas in a neat, orderly and safe manner
  • Must be capable of lifting up to 55 lbs
  • Excellent attendance; ability to work overtime, weekends and off shifts when needed

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