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A Quality Tech 1 must be capable of performing key tasks in the quality area using a variety of equipment by following the written directions provided as part of the job. This includes quality assurance and control work in both the materials and parts manufacturing areas. A Quality Tech 1 is fully capable of performing functions in the area but has not achieved an average capability of at least 3.5 in one area in the quality group. They are also responsible for the completeness and accuracy of all work being done in their work area.


Each operator is evaluated in many proficiency areas on the skills matrix every six months. They are rated in each area as follows:

• 1 – Learning the basics on that skill and can assist others.

• 2 – Capable and trained on performing tasks, but still needs direct supervision.

• 3 – Capable of doing tasks in a specific area with very little supervision.

• 4 – Fully capable and can perform basic tasks in the quality area with no supervision.

• 5 – Fully capable of interpreting and executing new tasks without supervision.

To qualify as a Quality Tech 1, the employee must have a score within a certain range as defined by the skills matrix. If the employee falls out of this range, they are moved to the corresponding position for the rating earned. Performs other duties as assigned by the Lead/Supervisor or designee.


• High school diploma or equivalent

• Must be able to communicate clearly (written and verbal) in English.

• Experience in mixing and working with chemicals is a plus.

• Ability to convert weight and length units of measure such as inches to mm and pounds to grams.

• Must be able to follow written and verbal instructions for machine operation.

• Able to work and communicate as a member of a team.

• Must have strong math skills and basic computer skills.


• Strong mechanical aptitude.

• Maintain work areas in a neat, orderly, and safe condition.

• Must be capable of lifting up to 50 pounds occasionally.

• Excellent attendance, ability to work overtime, weekends, and off shifts as needed.

• Perform all duties in compliance with regulatory and company requirements.

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